Sunday, March 05, 2017

Shaklee Supplement for Pregnant Mother

Every Pregnant women need Vitamins durinv pregnancy.

I suggest supplement from Shaklee:

1. Vitalea for multivitamin
2. B-complex for energy and less stress plus acid folic
3. Vitamin C for Immune booster
4. Ostematrix for calcium

For Free consultation, Please:
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With love,
Mama Kuai ❤

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Tiada salahnya mengamalkan cara berpantang Tradisional. Saya juga dulu amalkan pantang secara tradisional sebab belum kenal Shaklee masa tu. Kalau saya kenal Shaklee masa tu, saya akan gabungkan cara pantang Tradisional & Moden ni.. sebab bukan semua herba tradisional tu kita tahan mau telan.. 

Selain itu, selera makan tidak menentu dan ada cara berpantang yang itu ini tidak boleh makan. So, keperluan nutrisi penting tidak dapat dibekalkan kepada Ibu & Bayi melalui pemakanan.

Sekarang cara berpantang lebih flexible dan Hybrid<3 span="">.. Sebab lebih banyak pilihan mengikut keselesaan masing2.. Ibu2 berpantang ni pun emosi tidak menentu, so mau paksa2 ikut cara berpantang yang si ibu tidak suka pun takut si Ibu berpantang stress, tekanan & meroyan pula kan.

So, disini saya cadangkan kepada ibu2 yang bakal berpantang & sedang berpantang untuk invest & cuba Set ini untuk memenuhi keperluan nutrisi anda sepanjang tempoh berpantang. Sangat selamat, Mudah, 100% semulajadi dan tiada kesan sampingan.

So ingat Shaklee, Ingat Mama Kuai Tahir-Balinu



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Friday, July 03, 2015

Write your Blog Offline from your Android

After 2 years.  I think I should start something here.. and:

1. I need handy PC,  perhaps Android right?

2. I want to write during Offline.  Why?  I have two little 'helper' stick around me,  and I just can't concentrate. So I need to 'pause' my writing all the time. Will only go online when my post are ready.

Those only an excuse..  I only have 2 children. Even mother with 5 kids, have no problem updating their blog..

Solution: #Trial1

Installed Blogaway for Android

update: This apps works!

Friday, July 05, 2013

We Got Pinned!

Am not a good blogger anymore.. !
But am still happy when others got inspired by my OLD posts.. Cheers!


In case you missed the links:

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Its Friday !! and Happy Weekend all!!