Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloth Diaper Sewing Experiment (or Tutorial?)

::: I’m not good in explain things and please ignore my bad grammar:::

I really  love Cloth Diapering! but this cloth diaper thing make me headache!.. I cloth diapered my son (now only as a part timer since i am pregnant with my 2nd baby and i don't have enough energy to wash those CD all the time without helper) for many months already but still not 100% successful.. and if you ask me why? i cant even specify the main answer.. its too many explanation, so i wont transfer the stressful to other mama.. lets just cloth diapering! lol.. at least we tried to be a GREEN mama.. ^_^

Only few weeks left before the due of our 2nd little angel.. am so nervous about my CD preparation.. coz am not yet ready and still in progress to figure out what kind of CDs/how many CDs to prepare/what method and bla-bla.. another headache!

The main reason of choosing CDing is to SAVE MONEY right?! and of course for Natural, healthy and Eco-friendly living to save our mother nature from those Disposable diapers.. There is so many choices of Cloth Diaper with different designs, prices, size and bla-bla-bla available nowadays (you need to personally check it with Mr. Google ^_^).. plus its easy to get from friends or online seller..  they are very tempting and I wish that i can just grab all of them without worrying about how much $$ i need to spend.. but the fact is we cant afford it!.. I know that we will only spend more $$ once for the starter but its still too pricy for us.. >.<.. so, for those reasons I’m in progress to sew/make my own CD with minimizing my $$ expenses..
What am showing here is to make Diaper COVER only and will also show how will I use it with Flat Diaper (Kain Lampin) or Inserts..

The basic of Making this Diaper Cover is same method as making others types of CD (Pocket CD, AIO CD and so on).. we can use any Cloth Diaper patterns that we prefer.. for this Diaper Cover i use Wee Weka Fitted/Pocket (one-size fitted/ S-M pocket) pattern..

1. PUL (Waterproof fabric) – I bought form Michelle
2. Plain or Printed Cotton (optional) – I bought printed cotton from local store
3. Suedecloth or Microfleece (staydry fabric) for the insert pocket. This fabric will keep the baby’s skin feel dry even the inserts/flat diaper already wet inside (refer picture below at d finishing if my explanation make you confuse) – I bought from Michelle
4. 3/4” colour elastic from our local store (cost RM0.90-RM1/meter) to replace the Fold Over Elastic (FOE). You can get FOE online if you want  with little more $$ and of course with better quality.. ^_^

Fleece Blanket
5. 3/4” Easy to Fold Elastic to replace FOE too (i dont know what the right name.. huhu).. usually for making kids adjustable waist pants.. bought it from our local store too, costs RM2.80/meter.

IMG_6916 copy
you can use either the no. 4 elastic or no. 5 elastic alone.. for this project i mixed it.. ^_^.. honestly, i never saw anyone using both of elastic above to replace FOE, but i just want to try it since it can be fold.. heee
6. Snaps – I bought my Kam Snap piller and Snaps supply from Tiny Tapir


IMG_6909 copy
Cut out the PUL and Cotton follow the pattern. Dont forget to mark where to attach your snaps later (coz i always forgot mine.. huhu)
Cut out the Suedecloth  cloth by tracing front shape. I make 4”-5” mine.
Pin the 3 pieces together. Cotton in the bottom followed by the PUL and suedecloth on top.

IMG_6913 copy
Now, stitch or serge the edge together.. i prefer serging it because i dont have stretch needle.. its a bit hard to stich the knit PUL with normal needle.

IMG_6914 copy
the result after serged the 3 pieces together.

sorry, i forgot to mention about this gussets earlier because i din manage to take pictures of mine..  youl’11 need 2 pieces of this gusset to attach on the legs part. This gusset will prevent leaking. This is the best tutorial how to add the gussets and FOE too (picture above i borrowed from that tutorial).

IMG_6917 copy
After attaching the gussets.. I use my no.5 elastic on my Gussets..

IMG_6920 copy
next, finishing the diaper with the no. 4 Elastic with zig zag stitching.. just take your time and enjoy attaching the elastic!.. hehe.

IMG_6930 copy
after the elastic finishing.. and again, i forgot to take pictures attaching the snaps.. sorry!.. pls ask your Mr. Google..

IMG_6922 copy
cut out rectangle of 1 x Suedecloth  and 1 x plain/printed cotton.. the size is depends on you.. i make mine 5” x 16” rectangle to fit in my inserts or folded Flat Diaper.

IMG_6923 copy
Stitch them together (sorry din manage to explain/show the details). the result as seen on the picture above.. don’t forget to seam stitch the opening.. i Biased tape mine. the reason why i use printed cotton (polkadot) on the bottom side it to save my suedecloth usage.. ^_^ so i still can save it to make more Pocket for inserts!

IMG_6925 copy
Now, you can put the inserts or flat diaper inside..

IMG_6926 copy
and lay it on your diaper cover.. the Suedecloth  layer must be on top (touch skin) to make ur baby’s skin dry..

IMG_6929 copy
now, your Diaper Cover is DONE!

IMG_6935 copy
and ready to use.. ^_^.. can see how the gussets work here?.. ^_^
overall, my finishing is not really neat.. i know u can do better.. !

My last review on this project: This diaper cover is not suitable for Newborn baby (but perfect for my 14 months son).. coz the size is too big for NB.. will continue my experiment to get the right size.. maybe i need to draft my own pattern this time.. hope i can share the result later.. ^_^

UPDATE (28/11/2012): PLEASE ONLY USE F.O.E FOR MAKING THIS DIAPER COVER. those non-FOElastic might to hard for ur baby's soft skin. I re-do mine, changed to F.O.E.. all the Best!

Just ask if you have ant future question.. Sharing is Caring.. ^^  

my sewing adventure will be continue…


  1. Another thumbs up for your work.. :)

  2. Is this diaper a one-size fits most? I know you said it won't fit a newborn, but do you know what ages will this diaper fit? Thanks so much, your diaper looks great!!